How it began

A while back I became a stay at home Mom and then we moved, well the new town we moved to is small and there for it's hard to get a good paying job that coincides with my son's busy schedule. I have always been a huge reader and I started selling books on Amazon.
Red Moon Books
One day my Nephew came to me and asked if we could sell our beaded items on-line so I said I would try it out on Amazon. Before it was just craft fairs at the church, word of mouth, garage sales" I don't recommend" LOL
Then I found out how hard it is to get hand crafted things listed on Amazon, so I tried a different craft web sight but there was NO business on that sight, then found out about ETSY and now I am slowly re-posting all my inventory hear on Etsy. Listing is way easier and a lot more traffic so I hope to sell our items. It's been a bit of a learning curve for me on the eCommerce for hand crafts, but I like it hear and I plan to stay.
All item's hear at Red Moon Beaded Gifts proceeds goes to my Nephew's collage fund. This is a good way to save for his future and teach him about crafts and business and to save what you earn. This keeps him motivated and positive to see the things he sells and the pictures I post, "WOW I am in business for myself now."

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